Bugbrooke East Africa Trust

Registered Charity No. 1116470

A local charity supporting local communities in East Africa

Run by local Trustees; no overheads; every penny goes to Africa

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From 2007 we have developed 3 Secondary Schools around Arusha, northern Tanzania, building things we take for granted like classrooms, water supply, electricity, kitchens, teacher houses

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How can children learn without even the most basic facilities ?



From 2001 we have

  • Supported a clinic at Butonge, western Kenya

  • Paid the salary of one nurse

  • Provided electricity, water,

  • Helped build a new clinic


In 2012 we helped to develop a clinic at Kimnyak, northern Tanzania and provide electricity, water and more treatment rooms

We expect basic health care;

why shouldn’t they?




The community of Olmotoni, northern Tanzania have asked us to help them build a clinic.  

12,000 people - no local health care.

Will you help us to help them ?


To make a donation, please make payment to “Bugbrooke East Africa Trust” and pass to the Treasurer:

Tony Pace, 4 Laddermakers Yard, Bugbrooke, Northants, NN7 3RG

Email: suetony.pace@gmail.com    tel: 01604 832516

or any of the other Trustees

Dave Clayson 01604 830480          Deidre Daish 01604 831979

Catherine Parry 01604 830267           

You can read letters sent back from Tanzania by Sue and Tony Pace during the 2007,8, 9,12,13 and 14 visits aimed to keep sponsors and friends informed and amused.

 Latest News from Tony Pace - March 2016

Following Sue's death, nearly £9,000 was given in her memory all of which went to the Bugbrooke East Africa Trust (BEAT). We have now decided that this money will be used to complete a laboratory at Osiligi Secondary School. This is a school which Sue and I worked on in 2008-09. I think she would be pleased because we knew the school needed a laboratory and we had discussed it about a month before she died. It has the added advantage that two of its classrooms that had been converted into temporary laboratories can return to their proper function as classrooms.

 I visited in January and it turns out that the local community has already managed to build the basic structure, floor, walls and roof, but could not raise the funds to complete the job. It is a poor rural community and it would take them many years to raise that much money. Anyway it has taken some time to prepare and agree a final estimate but funds have now been transferred and work has started. The school should have a new fully functional laboratory in about 2 months time. It will be a good memorial for Sue.

 BEAT has also developed. Daughter Jo has become a Trustee and another trustee, Peter Taylor, is also about to join us. There is still much to be done. Both Olmotonyi and Osiligi need laboratory equipment and both schools need more classrooms and would like more teacher houses. Right now Olmotonyi is desperately short of desks following a change in government policy so that secondary education is free and parents do not buy desks.

 So if you ever feel you want to make a donation to charity, please remember the Bugbrooke East Africa Trust where every penny will get to Africa.