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The Bugbrooke Art Group

The members of Bugbrooke Art Group are enthusiastic amateur artists who meet weekly to draw and paint together. 
Workshops by visiting tutors are arranged several times each year, and an exhibition of recent work is held in May. Members also visit local art shows and open studios
New members, of all abilities, are welcome. The group is happy to encourage and support anyone who has not painted since school days but would like to have a go!
The meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Community Centre, from 7.30 to 9.30pm. If you would like further information, please ring Dave Marshall (01604 831016) or Elizabeth Wheeler (01604 831869) 

Exhibition 2009

Bugbrooke Art Group held their annual exhibition in the Community Centre on the 9th and 10th May. As usual, it was well attended with a steady flow of visitors over the two days. There were nearly a hundred pictures on display, all produced over the last year by the eight members of the group. Hand painted cards were also on sale and proved to be very popular.

A new feature this year was the competition to match the Beatles song title with a picture by each of the artists. A previous member, Jenny Unwin submitted a picture by e-mail to bring the number in the competition up to nine. No-one managed to identify all nine songs correctly, but three people identified eight out of the nine. Unfortunately two of these made the same mistake over one of the titles. - “I wanna hold your hand” is not on the label of the 1963 single and only scored ½ a mark – sorry. 

The correct answers were :- 

Barbara            “Lady Madonna”       

Elizabeth            “Michelle” (it was Michelle Obama)

Jean                “I am the walrus”     

Jenny               “She's leaving home”

Margaret            “Back in the U.S.S.R.”        

Sue                  “Long tall Sally” (the clue was the “S” on necklace and her long legs) 

Alan                 “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”      

Dave                “Day tripper” (many suggested it was “Ticket to Ride”) 

Jim                  “I want to hold your hand” 

Congratulations to Sheila Willmore, the winner of the bottle of wine, with eight exactly correct answers.


Comments from the visitor's book: Art Exhibition May 2008

"Another brilliant exhibition showing great talent"

Some lovely paintings and a nice cup of tea too!"

"Fantastic and wonderful to view. Keep it up!"

"You get better every year"