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Bugbrooke History Group


Meetings are held approximately every 2 months at the Community Centre, when there are talks by guest speakers and discussions on historical topics, with particular emphasis on local history.

All meetings are free of charge and there is no membership fee.  Anyone who is interested is welcome.

The Group is affiliated to NLHA (Northamptonshire Local History Association) and CLASP (Community Landscape and Archaeology Survey Project), and is regularly updated on developments on archaeological sites.  There are opportunities to join 'digs'.

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Bugbrooke History Group 


Pictorial Bugbrooke, 1860 to 1960(available from the Post Office)  Price £10
Bugbrooke 2000BC to 2000AD  (available from the Post Office) Price £10
Gleaners to Graduates - A history of education in Bugbrooke. (available from the Post Office   Price  £5
A Head of His Time - biography of Frank Wright, an extraordinary schoolmaster (1852 -1919) (available from the Post Office)   Price £10
History of Bugbrooke's Football Club (available from the Club House)   Price £10
Churchyard Memorial Inscription Book (available in the Church Office) Price £4.25


Also read the historical articles from the LINK archives

Read the reminisences and see the paintings of Stan Clark

Read Johnny Leach's memories of being evacuated to Bugbrooke during the second world war.




For more information contact John Curtis, tel. 01604 830317 or Pat Kent tel. 01604 830518.