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Nature Notes - Amenities

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1. Charity Meadow

2.Pitsford Water

3. The Churchyard & Millennium Green- I am in the process of collecting wildlife information at these two sites. If you see anything that may be of interest use the feedback form and I shall include it. 

4 Stortons Pits.

To see the results of a study of mosses in the churchyard, click here

Churchyard Wildlife


Birds Flowers Mammals
Rook Lesser Celandine Fox
Jackdaw Wood Anemone Grey Squirrel
Great Tit Cuckoo Pint Daubenton's Bat
Chaffinch Ground Ivy Mole
Blackbird Daisy  
Tree Creeper Dandelion  
Green Woodpecker Blue Bugle  
Blue Tit Slender Speedwell  
Wood Pigeon Meadow Buttercup  
Wren Germander Speedwell  
Greenfinch Blue Bugle  
Coal Tit    
Tawny Owl    

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Rooks & Jackdaws

Cuckoo Pint Fox prints in the snow Grey Squirrel Blue Bugle