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The Paintings and Articles of Stan Clark

(All paintings and articles are the copyright of Stan Clark and should not be reproduced or copied without his permission. He can be contacted through this website)


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Stan0002.jpg (72162 bytes) Camp Hill
SClarke0007.jpg (72124 bytes) High Street/Expression Stans High Street Index.html
Stan Campions Rick Yard.jpg (70664 bytes) Threshing Scene Campion's Rick Yard
IMG_9424.JPG (95210 bytes) Bugbrooke Water Meadows (LINK Feb 2008)
Bath Night reduced.jpg (91956 bytes) Bath Night Camp Hill
Joseph Hakes.jpg (56523 bytes) Mr Joseph Hakes (LINK Oct.2008)


   The Elephant (LINK June 2006)
  School & War in 1944 (LINK Feb 2006)
  60 Years Past (LINK Oct 2005)
  Bugbrooke Workhouse & Lockup (LINK Dec 2007)
  Our Changing World (LINK Feb 2012)
. Flies and Birds
  Loss of Wildlife Habitats ( LINK June 2012)
  Blizzard of 1908 Bugbrooke (LINK Dec. 2012)
  Rose Hip Picking
  Cricket in Bugbrooke
  Browns Yard
  New Sewers in the 1950s'
  VE Day
  Drovers Bugbrooke Area

The Aquaduct Bugbrooke

  Coronation Day
  War Time Toys
  Open Drains That Ran into the Brook
30 The Old House Norton Cottage
   1945 Camp Hill 1945-62
   1942 re food rations
  Adams's Horses Bugbrooke
  Peter Bird 1940s
  Old Bugbrooke Childhood
  Elm Trees
  Sir John Betjeman
Watch this space there are many more to come shortly  




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