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Bugbrooke and the Great War - Page 1. Overview, Info and Articles

Page 1 - Overview, Info & Articles
Page 2 - August, September 1914 Page 3 - October 1914 - January 1915
Page 4- February 1915 -  May 1915 Page 5 - June - September 1915 Page 6   October15 - January 1916
Page 7 February 2016 - May 2016 Page 8 June 1916 - Sept 1916 Page 9 October 16 - January 1917
Page 10 February - May 1917
Page 11 June - September 1917 Page 12-Oct 1917-Dec 1917
Page 13 February - May 1918 Page 14 June - Septemberr 1918 Page 15 -Oct 1917-Dec 1918
Bugbrooke Men Serving in the Great War.
The ones with grey background died in the war. Click on each to find all of the background information we have. This is a work in progress, and may not be complete

The 100 Years Project is looking at the village of Bugbrooke and its people during the period of the Great War from 1914 to 1918.
An article will be written for the Bugbrooke LINK to coincide with each issue, and reflecting what was happening to the village and its people, particularly those serving in the war, exactly 100 years ago in the two months leading up to that particular LINK issue.

This page contains this overview, a list of those who served with links to a data sheet giving all of the invormation we have found on that person. There are also links to additional stories which we have come across whilst doing the research, and which we feel should be told.Some of these have been published in the LINK Magazine where space has allowed.

Events  Culminating in the Great War

The Remembrance Window Bugbrooke Church, commemorating those Bugbrooke men who died in the Great War.

A wonderful insight into the village of Bugbrooke in 1914, can be gained from the school letters. newsletters. Children would
bring news into the school from around the
village, the headmaster would compile a letter
write it on the blackboard, and the children
would copy it and take it home. One of the
surviving volumes covers 1913 and 1914, and
provides a unique insight into the day to day
workings of village life, as well as relaying
letters from past pupils from around the world.
These letters can be viewed on the LINK
website via the Site Directory, as can the
school log books for the period up to 1918.

Bugbrooke's Roll Of Honour from WW1

The following men are listed on the war memorial in Bugbrooke Church, Each name is linked to their presentation sheet, which is kept in Church at the Memorial window

Lieut H White Pte. A. Bass Pte. G. Howard
Sgt. F. Nightingale Pte. E. Bubb Pte. F. Joyce
Sgt.E. Poole Pte. F. Chapman Pte. G. Joyce
Sgt. W. Westle Pte. M. Clarke Pte. W. Mills
L/Cpl. J. Clarke Pte. R. Davis Pte. P. Perkin
Tpr. J. Barnes Pte. F. Eales Pte. A. Smith
Spr. A. Lester Pte. C. Eales Pte. C. Turland
Gnr. W. Paxton Pte. F Garrett Pte. H. Westle
ABS. H. Hope Pte. J. Holt Dvr. D. Bass

In addition Herbert Farmer was born in Bugbrooke, and was killed in the First World War.  He is remembered on the war memorial in Weedon, where his parents had moved to before the war.
Albert Reuben Davis was killed in action in Flanders 9th May 1915.  He does not appear on the church memorial.
Also James Fleming is not on the memorial  He married a Bugbrooke girl, and his address in the war records is Rose Tree Cottage Bugbrooke.
F Garrett - did not die in WW1 although he appears on the war memorial in Bugbrooke Church. It looks as though this is a mistake. He left Bugbrooke before the war, married in London, and never returned. His family had also left Bugbrooke. We must assume that the rumour was that he had been killed in the war but married and lived in London
Alfred Junior Adams
Ernest Robinson Allen
George William Allen
Albert Giles Ambler
(Percival) Evelyn Ambler
Harry James  Ambler
Lewis Clifford  Ambler
Frederick Ashby
George Henry Ashby
William Herbert jun Ashby
Alexander Cecil Baker
Joseph Bannard
Leonard Ross Bannard
Stanley James Bannard
Ernest William Barnes
Frederick Edwin Barnes
Henry James Barnes
James Edward  Barnes
Edwin Barr
Arthur Sydney J Bass
Charles Herbert Bass
John Henry Dennis Bass
George William Bass
Albert Robert  Billingham
John Charles  Billingham
William Roland  Billingham
William Joseph Ivan Bonham
James Bowers
Charles Bubb
Edwin Bubb
Henry  Bubb
Arthur Burbidge Campion
Philip  Campion
Fred Chapman
Frank Alfred Clarke
Joseph Eales Clarke
Mark W Clarke
Walter James  Clarke
William Bailey Clarke
George Thomas Wheeler Collins
Sidney Cornwell
Frank Darby
Richard Henry Davis
Charles Edward Davis
Leslie Andrew Dods
Albert Dowson
Andrew Albert Eales
Charles Eales
Eli Eales
(George) Frank Eales
Harry Eales
(Walter) Frederick Eales.
George Gordon Eaton
Herbert Elliott
Herbert Edmund Farmer
Arthur Wadsworth Finch
James Fleming
John Foley
Horace Gardner
Fred Garret
Walter John Garrett
Samuel Thomas George
Thomas Gibbs
Arthur Gilkes
Edwin John Gilkes
Frank Gilkes
Harry Gilkes
John Gilkes
Leslie Albert Gilkes
William Gordon
John R Joseph Grant
Percy Lynes Grove
Joseph Haikes
Charles Harrison
Frederick Hefford
John Thomas Higginbottom
John Thomas Holt
Harry Hope
George Howard
Joseph Harry Howard
Percy George Howard
Stephen Howard
Frank Jeffery
John Thomas Jeffery
Henry Jeffs
Arthur Edward Jeyes
John Watson Jeyes
Albert Joyce
 Frank Joyce
Fred Joyce
James Joyce
Marmaduke George Joyce
John William Kench
Charles Abner King
Charles Bertie Ernest King
Thomas Arthur King
Cephas Langley
William Latimer
Arthur Lester
Albert George Lissett
Edgar Morgan Lovell
Harry George Lovell
Henry Marshall
John  Marshall
Joseph Frank Marshall
Oliver Mead
Arthur George Ernest Merry
William Henry Mills
David Moore
Eva Moore
Herbert Henry Moore
Albert Nightingale
Frank  Nightingale
George Ernest Nightingale
Paul Nightingale
Wallace Pateman  Nightingale
G H Norris
James C Nye
Warren Osborn
William J Paxton
John Payne
William Henry  Payne
Frederick Perkins
Percy Perkin
Eric William Poole
John Pritchard
Ernest George (John) Robins
Herbert William Robins
Charles Rush
George Frederick Russell
William Archibald Salway
Fred L Saunders
Henry Albert Shelley
A Smith
Herbert Smith
John George Stevenson
Fred Tarry
Arthur Tomlinson
Arthur  Turland
Charles  Turland
George Turland
George William Turland
Harry William Turland
Joseph Turland
Philip  Turland
Thomas Webb Turland
Samuel George Warwick
Arthur James Weatherall
Henry Thomas Westle
William Edward Westle
Horace Arthur White
Frank Edward Willett
Christopher Wilson
Benjamin Wiseman
Fred  Wooding
Arthur Reginald (Stevenson) Wright
Frank William Wright
John Peacock Wright
Percy Herbert  Wright

Events Leading Up to WW1

28th June 1914—assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, by a Serb nationalist .

28th July—Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia

Russia, allied to Serbia, mobilized its forces against Austria-Hungary

1st August—Germany, allied to Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia.

3rd August—France bound by treaty to Russia, declared war on Germany/

4th August—Germany attacked France through Belgium

4th August—Britain, to honour its guarantees to Belgium declared war on Germany.  With Britain's entry into the war, her colonies and dominions abroad variously offered military and financial assistance, and included Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and the Union of South Africa. 

7th August—Austria-Hungary responded by declaring war on Japan.

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