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 Bugbrooke LINK                                                          ...the website for the village of Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire

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Contact Page

The Bugbrooke LINK Magazine and Website are produced by volunteers for the enjoyment and benefit of Bugbrooke Village in Northamptonshire.  The Committee is made up of the following people:

Paul Cockcroft, 31 Pilgrims Lane              Chairman

Gwyneth White                                             Adverts Production

Geoff Cooke, 1 Browns Yard                      Production and Website

Jim Inch, 16a High Street                            Treasurer/Vice Chairman

Sheila Willmore, 31 Oaklands                    Advertising

Pat Kent, 1 High Street                                Submissions and feedback

Letters to the editor, magazone articles and feedback should be sent to the following email


Information and comments relevant to the website should be sent to